Kufstein (Austria) 2016


Monday 22nd – Wednesday 24th August 2016

21st European Economics Education Conference

The AEEE Conference 2016 is an international gathering of educators and researchers with professional interests in all aspects of economics and business education in Europe and worldwide.

The conference is organized by the AEEE together with the International Business Studies program of the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences.

If you wish to know more about running a workshop or presenting a paper at the conference, or about general participation or logistics, please contact the Conference Organizer: 

Brent Kigner
Professor (FH) of Economics
Fachhochschule Kufstein
Kufstein, Austria
e-mail: brent.kigner@fh-kufstein.ac.at

Financial support
If you plan to come to the AEEE 2016 conference, you may be able to get some financial support through the mobility initiative of Erasmus+ Key Action 1. You will need to ask your national EU office for advice on how to get it. (Google: 'Erasmus+, KA1 and your country'). 
The application has to be made by the school, not the individual teacher. The deadline in 2014 was March 16th, so you should apply as soon as possible.