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The conference will feature five themes:
Theme 1:
The economy inequality: Inequality is driving turbulence in Europe and around the world. How do we teach about inequality and its connections to globalization, democracy, sustainability and the social market economy?

Theme 2:
Entrepreneurship and business economics.

Theme 3:
Financial Literacy.

Theme 4:
Alternative teaching approaches. This theme will explore the expanding array of current methods that teachers of economics, business economics and related subjects use to supplement or replace the traditional paradigm. A variety of techniques, including classroom experiments, games and simulations will be examined and presented in workshops.

Theme 5 is reserved for areas not covered by the other three themes. Teachers and researchers will present current work on other topics related to economics and business education. Past conferences saw a very wide variety of subjects; we expect the same in 2018.

In all five pathways, presentations that report on international comparisons or cross-border projects are particularly welcome.

The language of the conference will be English.