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Session formats

Three session formats will be offered at the conference.
Next to this session we create a "Flipped Marketplace", which can be chosen in combination with one of the session formats mentioned here.

Interactive Presentation
This is the standard presentation format at the conference. As the name indicates, such presentations include elements of interaction between presenter and participants, or possibly among participants, that go beyond a final Q&A. Interaction could simply mean allowing questions or comments throughout the presentation or it could involve structured workshop-like activities - this is up to the presenter.

Duration: 45 min

A workshop is an interactive session in which participants are co-creators. A facilitator guides participants in an exchange of ideas and/or provides hands-on experience with teaching tools and techniques. Workshops have proven useful for a range of topics but are especially appropriate for presentations in Theme 4 (Alternative teaching approaches).

Duration: 70 min

A lecture is a 15-minute talk about your research, project or other work, followed by five minutes of Q&A.

Duration: 20 min